2022 Denver Bachelor Party
Planning Guide & More


Are you looking for an adrenaline pumping to do for your Bachelor Party weekend? Planning a Bachelor Party in Denver just got easier. Over the years Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience has entertained 100’s of Bachelor party groups.

Driving a fleet of Supercars worth millions of dollars through the Rocky Mountains, IS ABSOLUTELY BANANAS! We want to make it a memory that your party will never forget. With affordable group rates and pricing that fits a wide range of budgets, we are sure we can make this day EPIC! You can stop looking for a Denver Bachelor Party Idea because you have found it! Reserve your date now!

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Bachelor Party Basics

Bachelor parties have a reputation for being raunchy and raucous but when it comes down to it, bachelor parties are really about a groom-to-be or bride-to-be celebrating a momentous occasion with his closest friends and family. Here's how to make sure your (or your partner's) bachelor(ette) bash goes off without a hitch. A Bachelor(ette) Party in Denver can be so much fun. Let us show you how.

We host groups of all sizes, Single Rally Tour Groups can be hosted with as many as 8 Supercars and 18 participants.

First Thing To Remember, Make Sure Everyone Knows What Is Going On!

We have some tips for whomever is organizing your bachelor(ette) bash!

  • Make sure people don't drink prior to their drive.

  • Figure out the cost and split it evenly between everyone attending the party.

  • Always remember to take pictures so the groom/bride has keepsakes - Oxotic’s two staff photographers handle this part for you!

Accommodations & Transportation

We do not have a shuttle to transport to and from hotels, Air B&Bs etc. So be sure to look in transportation if you are visiting from out of state! Uber, Lyft etc. are always a safe bet!

  • Transport for large groups can be booked through limo companies, who offer cars, minibuses or larger vehicles to take big groups around town.

  • When you book a hotel, consider how far it is from activities, how easy it’s going to be to get from one to the other, and who wants to share rooms.

Your Bachelor Party can include Supercars such as: Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488, McLaren 570S, AMG GTR, Aston Martin Vantage, AMG GTC Roadster, and so many more!

Check Availability and Group Pricing

Bachelor Party Date

Cycle through a wide variety of up to $3 Million in Supercars throughout your journey, tours ranging from 30 Miles to half day trips traveling 105 Miles through the Rocky Mountains. Our multi-million dollar event center is just 25 Minutes West of Downtown Denver Colorado.

Scheduling Your Bachelor(ette) Party!

You should schedule the main event up to a month before the wedding and, at the very least, schedule it a week in advance, preferably on the weekend.

Some people from out of town won't be able to attend, but if they do want to show up they can use the advance notice to make plans.

We do not require advanced notice, but we do suggest at least 7-1o days to ensure you get your choice of cars and there is enough availability to accomodate your group!


Don’t make this harder than it needs to be! You can read through our Bachelor Party planning guide or… you can make the smart decision and plan your weekend using an all inclusive package with Denver Bachelor Party Experience. Seriously you guys will save a TON of money & have a proper Bachelor Party Experience in Denver! If you were tasked with the planning of this weekend, you will look like the “Bachelor Party” planning GOD. We were shocked at how affordable their packages run. Some of the “perks” we like, how about FREE LIMO service. Access to some of the most incredible purpose designed party houses in Denver. VIP service at the hottest clubs, experiences such as private cannabis tours curated just for DBE, There is so much more, we will let them tell you all about the “Ultimate Bachelor Experience in Denver Colorado”.

Requested Check-In Date



Pick a date. Choose a date for the party that works for the groom, groomsmen and yourself. You should choose a date in the two weeks before the wedding if possible – choosing a Friday or Saturday will make the bachelor party easier for anyone who has to work on weekdays.

  • Keep in mind locations for the party and how busy they’ll be at the time of year you’re going to visit.

Talk to the groom about what he wants. Make sure you have clear ideas about what activities the groom prefers and where he wants the party to be. Understand what tone he wants the party to have and what his future spouse wants.

  • As an example, find out if he wants to go to a strip club, or if he wants to avoid that sort of activity altogether. If the answer to this is no, then you need to make it extremely clear to all the guests that the party will not involve strippers or other women.

Set a budget. Everyone but the groom should contribute to the party, but as the best man you will be responsible for booking and paying for a lot of the party. Figure out what’s affordable for you and for the groomsmen and other friends to contribute, and set a number.

  • For example, the groom may really want to go on a flight in space, but this is likely beyond your budget, and you could downgrade to something like skydiving instead.

  • Keep in mind that travel costs like flights, trains or driving should be included in the budget.

  • Once you’ve worked out what each person and you can afford, you can set a price per head for the party, for example $300 dollars per head.

Choose the main activities. Make a list of possible activities and narrow them down to budget-friendly options that the groom would prefer. Try and avoid anything insanely dangerous or activities that will go wrong if you’re drinking.

  • Your list could include activities and sports such as golf, waterskiing, beach volleyball, wine tasting, paintballing, white water rafting, a large dinner, a night out on the town, or a camping trip.

  • Unreasonably dangerous activities might include things like base jumping, cave diving, wild boar hunting, or a night out in a very dangerous part of a town or city.

  • Try to avoid activities like go-karting, riding motorcycles, chartering a boat or shooting if you are going to be drinking.

Make a guest list. Include all the groomsmen as well as the groom’s good school buddies, friendly male coworkers, and male relatives such as brothers and close cousins. You should also invite younger male family members on the future spouse’s side.

  • If you’re not sure whether it’s appropriate to invite someone, for instance the groom’s father, then check with the groom before doing so.

  • You should run the final guest list by the groom for approval before sending invitations.

  • Send invitations. Send out invitations to the party. Make sure the invitations include where the party will be, when it will be, and a mandatory RSVP to you.

  • Keep an organized record of who you’ve invited and who RSVPs so that you have numbers for the party. You can do this handwritten or keep a typed spreadsheet or word document of the information.

Denver Colorado

Ranked among the best places to live in the United States today, Denver’s central location also makes it a great destination for your next bachelor party.

This city of 3 million people is virtually bursting at the seams with a variety of world-class entertainment and tourism venues, and increasing numbers of best men and others are selecting Denver for their bachelor party.

After all, where else can you and your buddies go but Denver to join the “Mile High Club” without ever leaving the ground?

 To help you get started, this guide provides an overview of the things you can see and do in Denver during your visit, and some solid insider tips and how to enjoy yourself to the fullest while still staying out of the doghouse.

How to Get Here


Despite common misperceptions to the contrary, Denver is not a mountain city (in fact, it takes about an hour to drive to the nearest Rockies) but its elevation of 5,279 feet above sea level means that there will be some mountainous driving involved in reaching this destination. Fortunately, Denver’s central location in the U.S. makes it possible to drive there is a few hours or a couple of days from most places in the country.


When booking flights you want to select Denver International Airport (airport code: DEN) as your destination airport.  From the airport you will be about a 30-minute drive (assuming it’s not during rush hour).  Depending on the season, flights to Denver are some of the best bargains around. For instance, round-trip tickets from Los Angeles International to DEN begin at just over one hundred bucks and from just $210 from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.  Make sure you use priceline.com to book your flights as they always seem to have the best prices and flight options available.

Denver Bachelor Experience: 12 Person Chauffeured Limo service as low as $99/Hr

Denver Bachelor Experience: 12 Person Chauffeured Limo service as low as $99/Hr

Getting Around

If you’re flying into Denver, there are public and charter buses as well as hotel shuttles available at the airport to take you and your buddies to your hotel. Likewise, shared-ride services are available as well.  Our recommendation would be to either take a ride sharing service like Uber (make sure you get the XL if you have a large group). 

BEST OPTION:  Rent a limo from our partners at Denver Bachelor Experience and ride in style. They have a limo that accommodate groups of up to 12 people and their rates are ridiculously inexpensive! or if you are not big drinkers you can rent a car.  If you are on a budget you can grab a bunch of seats on a Super Shuttle as well.

Things to Do

Because it has so much to offer, deciding what to do during your visit to Denver is challenging. On the one hand, sports fans are in for a big treat during their visit to Denver because it is only one of two American cities (Philadelphia is the other) that has seven professional sports teams (NFL Denver Broncos; NBA Denver Nuggets; NHL Colorado Avalanche; MLB Colorado Rockies; MLL Colorado Outlaws; MLS Colorado Rapids; and NLL Colorado Mammoth).

On the other hand, Denver stands out as the leading city in the country for the types and quality of beers they offer. In addition, Denver is literally a hub for exciting day-trips to incredible hiking and mountain excursions. Likewise, as one of the few states with legalized recreational marijuana, Denver offers several legal activities that include partaking of the herb. Just do that experience after ours PLEASE!

With an average of 300 days of sunshine each year and numerous world-class museums and other cultural attractions, the activities described below are just the tip of Denver’s entertainment iceberg but these listings should provide you with a good idea concerning what is available depending on your party guests’ preferences.