Select a Gift Certificate Package

Our Gift Vouchers can be gifted and used within the next year. We will process your order within 24 Hours providing both an electronic Gift Voucher, and if selected, a physical Gift Voucher mailed to you.

What to Expect: 

Our gift cards are delivered to you in a two-step process, within 1 business day you will receive an electronic gift voucher via the email address you will provide during checkout. If you selected to have a PHYSICAL gift card mailed to you, then you will also receive a tracking number for your USPS Priority mailed Plastic gift voucher. We want this epic gift to be given in style. With that said we will mount the matte black gift card in a sleeve to an Oxotic branded greeting card (envelope included). We will also throw in our seasonal Supercar postcards, showcasing some of our favorite action shots from the previous season. Your recipient will have one full year from the date of purchase to redeem their tour. 
Fuel & Maintenance fee is not included.

In our lead vehicle, you will have access to our staff photographers. These Supercar fanatics will be taking rolling and action shots throughout the tour. They will also capture the moment at our incredible photo stops! All of your photography will be uploaded and available for purchase as a digital download in high resolution immediately after your tour! 

All of our Supercars are fitted with 2 video cameras and stereo audio microphones. Every participant will have the opportunity to purchase their video footage loaded on an Oxotic Branded USB lanyard. 


  • Cycle through Multiple Supercars (65 & 105 Mile tours Only)

  • Add a passenger both can drive (optional for 25 Mile tour and above)

  • Professional Staff Photographers capture the entire tour

Rally Style Tours 

Participants will be joining a Rally Style Tour led by an instructor in the lead car. As a bonus, if you want to switch roles with your passenger, they can drive too! 
*Multi-Car dependent on the availability