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We are excited to announce a new partnership with The Gallery Sportsman Club & Shooting Range! We have combined a world-class Supercar Driving Tour and a unique Shooting Range experience. Our Event Directors will tailor two exciting adventures that will elevate your meeting or event. Book your Oxotic Supercar Tour at learn more about our partner at The Gallery Sportsman Club & Shooting Range.

The Horsepower & Gunpowder Package Includes:

A turn key arrive and drive Oxotic Supercar group event and a VIP Shooting Range Experience. You will drive a brand new Supercar Canyon route beginning at the Oxotic Pure Adrenaline Event Center and ending at the Gallery Sportsman Club. The Gallery provides a “Gun FLIGHT,” allowing your guests the opportunity to shoot a wide range of firearms and calibers. The range welcomes all skill levels, from first-timers to expert marksmen. Following the range experience, you will have access to the Barrel Room, our signature bar and grill, where you can network while sipping some of Colorado’s best spirits and craft beers. The Barrel Room provides a fully catered breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner option for your event, with access to our designated meeting space. We look forward to you enjoying this unique Horsepower and Gunpowder Adventure!


Supercar Tour + State Of The Art Shooting Experience

The Range @ The Gallery Sportsman’s Club

Come explore the top Lakewood shooting range that provides an unparalleled shooting experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or an expert marksman, The Gallery offers a modern, tech-inspired facility thoughtfully designed to maximize confidence and precision.

At The Gallery, we proudly feature Action Target’s Genesis Retriever System. Our premium features include: 

Two fully immersive shooting bays:

  • Seven 25-yard long gun ready lanes

  • Eight 20-yard fully tactical lanes

  • Wireless cameras affixed on every retriever to view performance downrange

  • 360-degree turning targets

  • Touch-screen control panel with programmable scenarios

  • LED-lit glass partitions

  • Up to 3 people per lane

Our range bays are outfitted with the safest HVAC system available. We offer state-of-the-art Purge Style ventilation that ensures 100% outside air is filtered into the range to provide you with the cleanest and safe environment. Come shoot at the best Lakewood shooting range.

We also offer a wide selection of firearms for rent! Whether you are a novice looking to experience a range for the first time, want to test out potential concealed carry firearms, or want to experience a variety of AR-style rifles – we have plenty of options for you. Our buffet-style pricing doesn’t limit you to just one firearm. Feel free to swap them out as much as possible to make the most of your time in our shooting range bays. Check out additional pricing information below.


Safety is our number one priority throughout the entire facility. To ensure all can responsibly enjoy their time on the range and in The Barrel Room, we have a few key protocols in place that are mandatory for all guests and Members:

Before entering The Barrel Room:

  • We ask that you first secure your firearm in your car or our complimentary valet lockers. Please see the concierge for additional detail.

Upon check-in within The Barrel Room:

  • All guests are required to provide a valid government-issued ID. Identification is required for anyone who enters The Barrel Room and plans to consume alcohol.

  • Your form of ID will be scanned and sent to our Range Check-In system.

  • This prohibits you from using the range for the remainder of the day.

After leaving The Barrel Room:

If you left your firearm within a valet locker, please pull your vehicle to the designated parking spot at the front of our building. Our Concierge will gladly retrieve your items and place them in your trunk.

Should you be unable to take your firearm home, please retrieve it within 24 hours, or we will have to issue a background check to return your items.

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Soon we will offer Horsepower & Gunpowder Tours open to individual participants on special dates during the 2023 season. Keep an eye out for email notifications as we know these special event dates will sell out.
— Megan Grass Event Director | Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience