ScanSource Case Study


Indirect Sales Channel:
Lunch & Learn, Vendor Trade Show & 30 Mile Supercar Rally Tour

ScanSource was looking for a convenient location to host a networking expo and trade show with targeted Denver customers. Along with five other vendors they wanted to showcase their new products and have the opportunity to connect with current and prospective clients. To get their guests excited about the start of their trade show circuit they decided to offer a Rally Tour and full lunch service. Working closely with the ScanSource Organizer we were able to provide their guests with a memorable experience while providing their vendors opportunities to better engage with customers. 


  • Unique trade show kickoff that would exceed guest and vendor expectations

  • Turnkey event that the ScanSource Organizer could hand off to Oxotic and have the arrangements and requests of all vendors accommodated

  • Smaller group size to allow more meaningful connections and uninterrupted sales opportunities

  • Strict budget for activity, food allocation, event space, and merchandise that we were able to accommodate while providing an exceptional experience 

That was fantastic! We had a great time and I really enjoyed the turnkey aspect of the facility – will recommend to my team
— Lindsey Cunningham, Event Manager Customer Insights

The Experience

  • 30 Mile Rally Tour with a photo stop in Golden Gate Canyon State Park 

  • 22 participants, All 10 Supercars in our fleet totaling $3Million 

  • Presentations with a classroom style table set up with a catered lunch buffet

  • Casual Trade Show Expo setup where guests were welcome to roam around the Event Center and network

  • Multi-branded single photo plaque featuring a groups shot printed in house for completed gift takeaway 


Extra Perks

  • Wanted to provide a special gift for all guests so we created a photo plaque featuring ScanSource and the other five vendors logos that all guests took with them to commemorate the day 

  • Customized event center set up for vendors with power and necessary resources for each partner

  • Vendor product shipment acceptance and storage until the big event and helped coordinate return shipping